A single bean won’t make a meal on its own. But it can improve it, if it is fresh and tasty. To achieve this, we at COPACK work closely with our contract farmers, plan for the long term and decide together on seeds, cultivation and harvesting times. This applies to every single bean as well as to fruit and vegetable cultivation in general.

Harvesting is carried out using our own machinery and always when produce is perfectly ripe. Gentle flash-freezing preserves the goodness in the frozen vegetables right up to the time they reach the consumer’s plate. That means, grown to perfection – and just to our liking.

A selection of our vegetable products:

Leaf Spinach | Chopped Baby Spinach | Creamed Spinach | Broccoli | Peas | Carrots | Peas & Carrots | Sliced Carrots | Green Beans | Kale | Young French Beans | Petit Pois | Pan-Cooked Vegetables (various flavours) | “Leipziger Allerlei” | “Kaisergemüse” | Sliced Bell Peppers | Leeks | Soup Vegetables | Sprouts | Buttered Vegetables | Creamed Cauliflower | Creamed Mixed Vegetables | Creamed Brussels Sprouts | Apple and Red Cabbage