From the raw material to your favourite dish

What came first, the chicken or the egg? For our product Product Product Developmentpmentpers, the question reads as follows: What came first, the raw material or the recipe?
Because when we Product Product Developmentpmentp a product, it should not only taste delicious, it should also be possible to produce it to a consistently high quality standard and at competitive prices.

We try out a lot of ideas in our “taste laboratory”. We pick up on current trends and in the process also give our customers the opportunity to sample the new recipes and contribute their own experience. At the same time, our procurement staff know what can be sourced on the global market and locally. This is where our long-standing relationships with producers around the world and contract farming give us the necessary planning certainty.

The ready meals and frozen products are prepared, put together and packaged according to our customers’ specifications at our four production sites. Our well thought-out logistics concept makes us a reliable partner to the food retailing industry. And in the end, the consumer is happy to find his favourite dish at his supermarket of choice.